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Giant Rat

Giant rat.png

Mean, furry, and angry, but a single rodent isn't a threat. In numbers, however...

Butchering Drops

  • 1-2 Rat Meat
  • 0-2 Rat Skin

Giant Roaches

Giant roach.png

Overgrown roaches, they'll eat everything and anything (and anyone). Tough exoskeleton, but vulnerable to fire.

Butchering Drops

  • 2-3 Cockroach Meat
  • 1-2 Insect Chitin

Meat Golem

Meat Golem.png

A strange, blobby humanoid monster with a tough, rubbery exterior. Resistant to fire, but vulnerable to piercing weapons.

Butchering Drops

  • 1-3 Random maint loot
  • 1-2 Meatrubber



A thin, shadowy monster which kills and eats anything it can. It's almost invisible in the darkness except for its glowing red eyes. Deals massive bleeding damage, but vulnerable to fire.

Butchering Drops

  • 1 Maintstalker Heart
  • 1-2 Insect Chitin
  • Random mid tier maint loot

Maint Goblin

A semi-sentient, vomit-green, and barely-sane creature born of inventive maliciousness. Known to be horders of weapons and gadgets.


  • Chance to drop a low or mid-tier firearm
  • 2-4 Random maint loot
  • 0-2 Clockwork Mechanism

Maint Mimic

Looks like a regular assistant, but in reality is a shape shifting monster with a long tongue which can grapple prey and pull it close to await sharp teeth and a gaping maw.

Butchering Drops

  • 1-2 Mutagenic Gland
  • 2-5 Random maint loot

Meat Cube


A giant, slow-moving cube made out of meat. Bits of bone and half-digested limbs can be seen inside as it oozes around.

Butchering Drops

  • 2-5 Random maint loot
  • 2-4 Meatrubber



A horrible, honking mass of limbs and laughter-inducing venom.

Butchering Drops

  • 2-4 Insect Chitin
  • 0-2 Laughter Venom Sac
  • Chance to drop Clown Mask

Insane Assistant

This assistant has gone stark raving mad, their eyes wild and bloodshot. Putting them down would be a favor at this point.


  • Chance to drop Insulated Gloves, Improvised Spear, Toolbelt
  • Chance to drop Emergency Medical Kit,
  • Chance to drop Improvised Shotgun, Bola, Mosin Nagant