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Classic NT SS13 assistants, with all the associated lore and customs. The have no stat bonuses or downsides.

Tribe Traits



Commie space dwarves from a dimension where the red tide overthrow the corporate egregore and replaced it with its own oppressive communist regime egregore.

Tribe Traits

  • Sole species: Dwarf
  • Bonuses from being in view of fellow Redshirts


  • Benefits from drinking
  • More max HP


  • Slower base movespeed
  • Withdrawal effects without alcohol
  • Faster metabolism of alcohol



Lizards from a dimension where the Lizardfolk overthrew NT and became the dominant race instead of humans

Tribe Traits

  • Heal slightly faster from being around a barrel fire or campfire
  • Raw meat regenerates blood slightly faster than regular food would for someone else
  • Bleed slightly faster than Othershirts



Forced labor workers from a dimension where class divisions have become so wide that you're either in the rich C-level executive class or you're an actual prisoner in a labor camp.

Tribe Traits

  • Slightly more base HP (less than dwarves)
  • Resistance to mood debuffs
  • Significant accuracy debuff with firearms and other ranged weapons.

In development


From an anarchist dimension where NT totally collapsed and pirates, raiders, and warlords fought over the scraps of civilization.

Tribe Traits

  • Bonus to damage with improvised weapons
  • Start with an incurable ailment such as illness, drug addiction, or a missing limb. No way to fix it permanently.


Tribe Traits

  • Available species: Human, Lizardperson, Mothperson, Plasmaman, Dwarf
  • Special whitelist-only RP class, no bonuses or detriments
  • You've been stuck here for so long that your former station is but a distant memory* the Maintrooms are your home now. You've seen tribes rise and fall, made allies only to watch them die, escaped death more times than you can count. You've given up hope on ever escaping, though you offer guidance, wisdom, knowledge, and passed-on legends to those newcomers who need your help, however foolish their escape attempts might be.
  • Too afraid to go to the deepest level of maint * as such you can never fight the Tunnelclown. But your fear is broken and you can escape if someone defeats him and you hear the haunting honk.
  • Job is to help out newbies, add to the atmosphere and RP, wander around as a neutral party between the tribes as a messenger.
  • Fun role for veterans and fans of RP


  • Nobody to mess things up for you
  • Helps drive RP forward


  • No friends to do all the work for you work with
  • Probably will get killed by a tribe for looking at them funny
  • Based players will either hate you or treat you like a god
  • Will probably never get resurrected